What is Tagging?

What is tagging?
Tagging is how cadets fundraise. Though the Department of National Defence (DND) does cover the cost of uniforms and some resources everything else we do we have to pay for ourselves. 

We tag twice a training year (once in the Fall, once in the Spring) and tagging consists of us having our cadets stand at designated locations to ask for donations.

What do we use tagging money for?
  • March Break Trips
  • Food for cadets
  • Training equipment
  • Dances
  • Optional Trips, like Wonderland & the Ontario Science Centre
  • and much more!

What to do when tagging:
  • Be polite to everyone who passes by you, regardless of their behaviour.
  • Smile!
  • Ask everyone who passes by you "Good (Evening/Morning/ etc) Ma'am/Sir Donate to Air Cadets?"
  • End every conversation with "Have a nice day!"
  • Don't be discouraged if it feels like no one is donating, everyone is different.
  • Speak up! Be loud enough, clear with your words and to the point, chances are they'll only take a couple of seconds to pass by you. 

*Remember you are in the public eye, and for some people this might be their first time seeing a cadet, so do your best to make a good impression!
  • Slouch
  • Chew gum
  • leave your designated area (Officers are driving by from time to time)
  • sit down
  • take long breaks
  • eat while tagging
  • talk on the phone

The types of people you will probably encounter while tagging:
  • The person who ignores you. Just tell them to have a nice day.
  • The person who has a conversation with you for a very long time. Be polite, if you feel they are detracting from possible donators or you feel uncomfortable simply tell them its time for your break and go with your partner. 

*If you ever feel in danger, go inside the store and call the squadron number. It will be located at the back of the box and you will be picked up. If a person ever attempts to steal your can let them have it, and get inside the store. Your safety is worth much more than the can.