Week 5 - 13 Oct 15

1. Assignment 4 was collected and Meteorology Assignments 5 & 6 (due next class) were distributed. If you were absent, please e-mail 2Lt Bailey and a copy of the assignments will sent to you. As mentioned several times before, any assignments submitted via e-mail MUST be sent to both 2Lt Bailey and CV Jones.

2. CV Jones has begun to hand back marked assignments. Illegible assignments will be handed back without a mark, you will be asked to re-submit, and a penalty of 10% will be applied. Please ensure that you type your assignments if your penmanship is not the best.
3. The POF test results were handed back.

4. Next week, CV Jones will finish off Meteorology and do a quick review of the subject in preparation for the test on Tuesday, 27 October 2015.