Week 4 - 06 Oct 15

  • Cadets wrote the Principles of Flight test. Marks will be given back next class.

  • Cpl Pithadia - I do not see your POF Assignment 1 in my email inbox or junk mail.  Please re-send to both CV Jones and I.  It's a hyphen in my email address, not an underscore. Or bring a hard copy of the assignment next class.
  • Final opportunity to submit POF Assignment 2 WITHOUT penalty is next class. Remember: Late assignments are penalized 10%.
  • POF Assignment 3 was collected this week and Meteorology Assignment 4 (due next week) was distributed.
  • NOTE: Assignments must be submitted as a hard copy in class. If circumstances inhibit this (e.g. absence), you may email your assignment, BUT remember to send it to both 2Lt Bailey and CV Jones.

  • We started learning meteorological concepts and will continue with the subject next class.