Level Five Resources

Level 5 Resources

Use Monday evenings at Don Bosco to do all lesson prep/ photocopying 


(excerpt from the Proficiency Level 5 QSP)

19. The minimum standard for Proficiency Level Five qualification is:
a. Proficiency Level Four qualified;
b. 60 percent overall attendance in all scheduled mandatory and complementary training as calculated by the squadron; and
c. Successful completion of each PO as outlined in the Proficiency Level Five Qualification Record located at Ch 3, Annex C.

20. There is no minimum or maximum timeframe in which the cadet must achieve Proficiency Level Five. Normally a cadet will be capable of achieving Proficiency Level Five in less than the two years allocated to the training level and may be awarded the Proficiency Level Five qualification at that time. However, there shall be no penalty assigned to a cadet who requires additional time to complete Proficiency Level Five.

Proficiency Level Five PO Summary:

Proficiency Level Five shall commence in September of the year following Proficiency Level Four, provided a cadet has qualified Proficiency Level Four. Logged hours going towards the completion of the following PO's will only be counted if they adhere to this time frame.

Community Service Lead Cadet ActivitiesAdopt an Active LifestyleInstruct CadetsAttend a WorkshopIndividual Learning
502 PCPC 503PC 504PC 509PC 513PC 514
Minimum Standard: cadets must complete 45 hours of community service. 

Exceed the Standard: 70 hours of community service
You will be evaluated on an ongoing basis carrying out a leadership assignment, a leadership appointment and leadership projectYou will be logging your fitness activities. 

Minimum Standard:
complete 7hrs/week for 16 weeks

Exceed the Standard: complete 7hrs/week for 24 weeks
You will be assessed on your ability to prepare and instruct a lesson

You must submit your lesson plans 2 weeks in advance to your level officer at level5@700sqn.com
Attend a regionally scheduled workshop. 

You will be provided more info by your level officer closer to the date

Priority goes to Year 2 level 5's
You must develop an Individual Learning Plan-approved by your Level Officer-and work towards developing that skill.

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Included in this compressed file are: -The Assessment Learning Plan -PC502 Overall Assessment Checklist -PC503 Leadership Appointment Assessment Rubric -PC503 Leadership Assignment Assessment Rubric -PC504 Overall Assessment Checklist -PC509 Assessment Rubric -PC514 Overall Assessment  Oct 5, 2013, 5:58 PM 700Squadron Web