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Parent & Cadet Guide
If you are unable to attend our Recruit Registration Night, recruits will be accepted on Friday parade nights between 6:30pm and 8:30pm. Please refer to our online  to ensure we are training the day you wish to attend. Enrolment closes Friday, December 18, 2020 for this training year. 

2020 Sep 21 - New: Uniform Order Form - For both New and Returning Cadets

If you are looking for an Air Cadet Squadron closer to where you live go on the Air Cadet League Website; scroll to the bottom and choose your corresponding City and Province.

Common Q & A's

1. What are the start and end dates for enrolment? 

Enrolment Start: Friday Oct 2, 2020
Enrolment Closed: Friday Dec 18, 2020

2. What Information/ Documents do I have to Provide?

Please follow the enrolment checklist on the right for a full list of items to have on hand for the enrolment process.

We also have a Parent and Cadet Guide for you to reference

3. What are the Membership Conditions?

A cadet:

  • can only become a cadet after their 12th birthday 
  • is expected to participate in training activities and follow regulations, orders and instructions; 
  • is expected to take good care of all items of clothing and equipment issued to him/her, to safeguard and return them when requested to do so;
  • is expected to conduct himself/herself in a manner respectful of others;
  • may end his/her membership with the cadet corps/squadron at any time;
  • may be expelled from the cadet corps/squadron if he/she commits a serious breach of discipline;
  • is no longer eligible to be a member of a cadet corps/squadron when he/she turns 19.

4. Parent Responsibilities:

Parents of a cadet:

  • are required to notify the cadet corps/squadron's commanding officer of any changes to the information collected on this form without delay; 
  • are responsible for all items of clothing and equipment issued to their child and required to return them when requested to do so; 
  • may be required to support cadet corps or squadron activities, as requested by the local sponsor.

4. Where can I find the forms?

Please see below to download a copy of our Recruit Registration Package.  recruit registration package

5. What should new recruits wear?

On regular training nights (every Friday) recruits are expected to wear:
  • Black dress shoes
  • Black dress pants
  • White dress shirt
  • Black dress shoes &
  • Black tie
Males: hair should be short (not exceeding over 15cm) in length, should not touch the ears and taper trimmed.  Males are not allowed visible piercings.

Females: hair should be worn in a bun, with bangs gelled/ pinned back. All hair accessories should match your hair colour. If you opt for the short hairstyle, hair should not extend past the bottom of your shirt collar. Coloured nail-polish is not allowed. Only gold, silver or pearl earrings less than 0.6cm are permitted and only in the centre of the earlobe. All other visible piercings are not permitted in uniform. 

Enrolment Information

The following items are required to complete a Cadet’s application for membership in the Squadron. 

Please note that parent/guardian signatures are required on most documents and the Cadet must sign two documents. Please be sure to complete these documents carefully, especially all contact information.


Forms to Complete

  1. CF1158 Application for Membership in the Canadian Sea, Army or Air Cadets (if submitting in person, this document must be printed on 8½” x 14” legal-size paper)
  2. Cadet Code of Conduct – prospective cadet to read and sign this document
  3. Emergency Contact form – close relative/friend (not living with you) and doctor’s information
  4. Pledge document – prospective cadet and parent to read and sign this document
  5. Sponsoring Committee Survey


Documents Required

  1. Proof of age: Canadian birth certificate, passport or other government identification
  2. Proof of citizenship or legal residency, if not born in Canada (Canadian passport/PR card)
  3. Valid Ontario health card
  4. Doctor’s information (name, phone number, address including postal code)


Submission Information

Option 1: Electronic (Recommended due to COVID-19)

Forms and documentation should submitted be electronically to Please be assured, we have taken steps to ensure the security of electronic submissions. 


Option 2: In Person 

If you prefer to submit the documentation in person, you can do so 

at our Recruit Registration Night (details below). When you arrive a staff member will provide you with a queue number, please wait in your car until your number is called. Forms/documentation must be completed in advance, we will not have a printer or photocopier on site. 

2020 Recruit Registration Night
Date: Friday October 2, 2020
Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm

Required Deposit

A $100 deposit is required (cash, cheque or Interac Transfer) for one book of Air Cadet lottery tickets to be sold by each cadet.  This deposit will be returned when the sold lottery ticket stubs are returned to the Squadron ($60 from the sale of the tickets and $40 to be refunded if the lottery tickets stubs are returned by the required date.).  The lottery books will be distributed in the coming weeks. 


  • Cheques are to be made payable to: 700 David Hornell VC Squadron
  • Interac transfers can be sent from your bank’s online banking application payable to: BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR CADET’S NAME IN THE INTERAC TRANSFER MESSAGE BOX. (Note: a security question is not needed.)
  • There is no deposit for activity cards this year.  Existing activity cards can be used in future years and those deposits will be returned when the Cadet ages out or leaves the Squadron. 

In accordance with the Department of National Defence regulations and for insurance and safety purposes, a prospective Cadet may not participate in cadet related activities until these forms are compete in full and submitted to the Administration Officer who will review them with the parent/guardian.  For some prospective Cadets, additional medical/dietary information may be required.

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