Due to the evolution of the coronavirus all optional and mandatory training will be cancelled until April 30th. 

Please check our website and Facebook page regularly during this time. Should we need to inform you of any events we will post an announcement. 

Upon our return, if you are not feeling well, please stay home until you have seen a doctor. If you have travelled out of the country, please stay home for 14 days as well. As you can appreciate the safety of our cadets is our number one priority! We will make alternate arrangements for missed training. 

Additionally please email info@700sqn.com if:
1. You believe you have the virus 
2. Have been tested and confirmed to have the virus
3. Have been in contact with someone who has the virus

Thank you for your understanding! 

COVID19 - CO'S Message (3 April 2020)

Hello everyone,

I trust that everyone is doing well and following all the Health Ministry guidelines with respect to the Covid-19 issue. I understand some of you may be feeling anxious and nervous due to what seems like 24/7 news coverage of this viral outbreak. Although the news of this pandemic may be overwhelming, please understand that it will pass, and we will be stronger and closer for it.

With many people at home restricting their travel and person to person contact, it has become a new world. We, as human beings, are internally wired to be with family, friends and others we meet during an average day. This situation has almost brought this most basic human characteristic to halt.  But as I said earlier, this will pass and life will get back to what your normal may be.

I have thought about this and have come to realize that it’s not the big things that we miss in life, it’s the really small and regular stuff. Things like sitting with friends at a local eatery, going to the hairdresser/barber, attending or playing a sport activity or attending Cadets. I’ll bet that some of you miss complaining about your teacher, homework or cafeteria food. It is amazing how something like this unfortunate situation brings to light how important the everyday activities we take for granted keep us grounded and happy. But again, I want to reassure everyone that this is temporary, and we will get to enjoy the everyday mundane things we never really thought twice about.

I hope that this highlights how much we need/require human contact. That way, when this virus is controlled, we have learned to be nicer to one another and take the time to appreciate each other’s company. 

I want to give you some good news. Some of our Senior Cadets have been keeping themselves busy by producing and posting some “How To” video’s on YouTube. The video’s range from how to shine your boots to how to properly place and wear badges, nametags and such on a Cadet Tunic. I suggest all, especially Squadron Cadets visit www.youtube.com/channel/UC8nbuC1tNX4ogPFK4mXWtVw and enjoy the hard work and knowledge of our Senior Cadets.

Be safe and follow the government prescribed guidelines not only to prevent yourself from contacting the virus. But also to keep those closest to you from becoming a statistic of Covid-19. 

Best wishes,

Maj J. Tornabene
Commanding Officer
700 David Hornell VC Air Cadet Squadron

Level 4 - Community Service Hours 

All level fours must email Capt. House their completed community service hours form. 

Please email them to: path402005@cogeco.ca
*Be sure to include your rank, first name and last name. 

Summer Training 2020

A reminder to cadets who received their Offer of Participation last week:

1. Hardcopies must be handed to LT Fonseca/CV Ward on March 13th 
2. A soft-copy of the completed last page only must be emailed to info@700sqn.com by March 13th. 

Failure to complete the above steps will result in your course being forfeited

COVID19 Update: We will let you know as soon as we have more information about the status of summer training. At this time we have been told no new information will be provided until April 30th. Cadets are still required to submit the paperwork mentioned above. 

Effective Speaking & Debating 

The  OPC Executive Committee made the difficult decision to suspend the Provincial Effective Speaking and Debating Program for the 2020 Training Year.  

This includes all competitions that are scheduled to be held in the upcoming weeks, in light of the ongoing public health concerns around COVID-19.
As the global situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, we are following the guidance of government, health authorities and our DND partners to ensure the health and safety of CAF personnel, Cadets and volunteers.

March Break 2020 - Ottawa Cancelled 

As per RCSU and Detachment, all non-essential travel must be cancelled.  As a result, regrettably  we must cancel our 2020 March Break. 

A refund of the deposit can be collected back this Friday at the Squadron  during our regularly scheduled training night. Please see Mr. Val Esposito to get your money refunded.

More details to follow, we apologize for any inconvenience!

Weekly Routine Orders - March 13, 2020

Date: March 13, 2020
Time: 6:00pm - 9:30pm
Location: Thistletown Collegiate Institute  (20 Fordwich Crescent Etobicoke, ON, M9W 2T4)
Dress: C2

Click here to access the WTRs. 

Supply Announcements 

The below cadets need to see the Supply Officer to pick up uniform parts. 

Supply is open is open Monday's from 7:00pm - 8:30pm at Legion 286 (11 Irwin Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 2P6)

*Updated list will be posted once supply reopens. 


Date: March 21-22, 2020 (must be able to attend both days)
Time: 8:30am-4:30pm
Pick Up/ Drop Off Location: Plast Huculak Centre (516 The Kingsway, Etobicoke, ON M9A 3W6)
Dress: Appropriate civilian attire (squadron shirt)
Items to Bring: Health Card, pen and paper 

Lunch will be provided.

This event is open to 30 cadets, priority will be given to those who have not taken the course before. This event is closed  to any cadets attending the March Break Trip.

See LT Squitieri to sign up! 

Parent's Night - April 03, 2020

Date: April 03, 2020
Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Location: Thistletown Collegiate Institute  (20 Fordwich Crescent Etobicoke, ON, M9W 2T4)
Dress: Recruit uniform: Black pants, White shirt, Black Tie, Black Shoes (No heels), females’ hair must be tied back if below shoulder length 
Items to Bring: Pen, paper and health card 

Click here to sign up, we have space for 60 parents! 

Team Recognition Event - April 26, 2020

This year 700 Squadron will be recognizing the contribution of the various cadets who have participated in the Squadron's teams (Band, Range, Drill, Effective Speaking and Debating).  Members who have contributed to these teams (as determined by each teams' Staff Officer) will be invited to a Team Recognition Event on April 26, 2020.  Please keep this date available for a fun day of Tree Top Trekking and Ziplining.  

More info to come!


The following is the breakdown of optional training offered at our Squadron and a summary of key details:

Band: Thursday's at TCI, 6:30pm-8:30pm. Dress is appropriate civilian attire. OPI is Lt Perfect. 

Open to all cadets & looking for new members.


Drill Team: Thursday's at TCI, 6pm-8pm. Dress is appropriate civilian attire. OPI is CI Ward.

Open to all cadets & looking for new members.


Flying Scholarship - Ground School:  Wednesday's September-January at TCI, 6:30pm-8:30pm. Dress is appropriate civilian attire. OPI's is CV Soria.

Open to all cadets however only those who are eligible for the scholarship year will be permitted to write the entrance exam.


Range: Monday's  at RCL Branch 286, 7pm-9pm. Dress is appropriate civilian attire. OPI is LT Squitieri.

Open to all cadets & looking for new members.


Debating & Effective Speaking: Tuesday's (closed for this year) at TCI, 7pm-9:30pm. Dress is appropriate civilian attire. OPI is CV Borthwick.

Open to all cadets & looking for new members.




700 Squadron 2018-2019 Training Year