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*Scroll down to download a copy of the SMP Pairing list!


700 Squadron is adopting the Squadron Mentoring Program (SMP) to allow senior cadets to share their acquired wisdom and enthusiasm with younger cadets and new recruits. The program has the following components:

Goal: The goal of the Mentoring Program is to ensure junior cadets know what information about the Cadet program and 700 Squadron is available and what is expected from them in the Air Cadet program.

Method: Senior Cadet (Levels 3, 4 and 5) Mentors are partnered with individual junior cadets early in the training year and are asked to meet with the junior cadets at least three times during the year (October, December and March) to offer guidance, provide information and answer any questions that the junior cadets may have. Training staff will pair cadet's experience level, age and sex. The SMP pairing will be posted on the Squadron website by the end of the week.

Reports: Early in April of every year the Mentors are required to submit a Mentoring Report for each of the junior cadets assigned to them in September. Both cadets will sign the mentoring report each time that they meet.

Topics: The Mentors will provide the junior cadets with guidance on various topics, such as: parade nights, deportment, extra activities (Band, Drill, Range, public speaking, debating, ground school, range, etc.), how to be an effective tagger, how to contribute to the community, promotions, summer camps, etc.

SMP Workshop 05 Oct 13 details: Participation at the SMP workshop is MANDATORY for all cadets. You will meet your Mentoring partner at the beginning of the 05 Oct workshop. The rest of the workshop you will be involved with team building and sporting events that you will participate in with your mentoring partner. Lunch is provided. Appropriate civilian sports clothing and running shoes are acceptable. More information on the SMPworkshop will be posted on this website by the end of the week and you can ask you Flt Comd for further details as well.


Saturday Oct 5
Dress: Appropriate civilian sports clothing with comfortable running shoes.
Note: Lunch will provided.


  • Health Card
  • Water Bottle
  • Paper & Pen


SMP Workshop

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