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March Break Trip

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Our March Break Trip is scheduled for March 12- 16 2016.

This event is open to cadets in all levels, however only 50 cadets from this list will be selected to participate. Selection will be based on their level of participation in Squadron Activities (ex. Training attendance, tagging, Santa Claus Parade).


Click here to view/ download the March Break Kit List. (scroll down for PDF download)

March Break Kit List 2016



There will be a briefing in the Gym commencing at 7:30 p.m. for parents of Cadets who are registered or on stand-by for the March Break Trip. Included in the briefing will be distribution of an “Informed Consent” document that must be signed by a parent or guardian.

Posted Feb 3, 2016


As of Tuesday, 12 Jan, 49 of 50 Cadets have confirmed that they will participate in the March Break trip by submitting a photocopy of their passport and a deposit. The remaining spot will be firmed-up by Friday. In addition, two Standby Cadets have also submitted their passport and deposit.
We will shortly submit our list of travellers and passport numbers, therefore, any of the Stand-by Cadets who wish to be cleared by Ottawa and the US Border Service – in case there are openings between now and departure – must get at least their passport number to Mrs. Silva NLT this Friday, 15 Jan. 12.
Senior Stand-by Cadets

Syed, FCpl Zijah
Vekaria, Sgt Jenil
Islam, Cpl Muhammed – Complete

Patel, FSgt Krupali
Mullings-Findleter, Sgt Lillian
Junior Stand-by Cadets

Patel, Cdt Mantra
Sagar, Cdt Kunal
Jaykumar, Cdt Janushan

Fernandes, Cdt Hycil – Complete
Kone, Cdt Bintou
A reminder that the Information Session for the Parents / Guardians of Selected and Stand-by Cadets will be held at Don Bosco on Friday, 05 Feb 2016 at 7:30pm

Posted Jan 13, 2016


Cadets selected for the March Break trip must provide the Squadron with their $150.00 participation fee and a photocopy of pages 2-3 of their Canadian passport. 

Major Brown will be available to collect these items at RCL Branch 31 (1050 Weston Rd) the evenings of Tuesday Dec 29 and Wednesday Dec 30 from 6:30–8:00pm 

Posted Dec 29, 2015


1. Initial Selections: On Friday, 11 Dec, fifty Cadets were advised of their selection for the 2016 March Break Trip to Washington, DC. There were also be twelve Cadets selected on a stand-by basis, in case any of the fifty are unable or choose not to attend. The selected Cadets were provided with a letter to their parents and a preliminary itinerary of the trip, which will depart on Saturday, 12 Mar and return on Wednesday, 16 Mar 2016.

2. Confirm Acceptance: Participants must confirm their acceptance of a position on the trip not later than Saturday, 19 Dec (the evening of the Annual Mess Dinner). 

3. Fee and Passport Deadline: As soon as possible, but not later than Wednesday, 30 Dec, Cadets must provide the Squadron with their $150.00 participation fee and a photocopy of pages 2-3 of their Canadian passport.

- If a Cadet has a passport from a country other than Canada, they must also supply of copy of a document showing that they have legal residency status in Canada.

- If a Cadet is a citizen of a country other than Canada – it is their responsibility to immediately determine whether or not they require a VISA to visit the United States, and if so, to obtain the visa as soon as possible at their own expense. 

4. A Detailed Briefing: Will be held at Don Bosco for participating Cadets and their families on Friday, 05 Feb 2016. 

5. See Annex B from WRO 15 for a list of selected and stand-by cadets.

6.  Questions: To Maj BROWN or Lt BAPTISTA via the website or on Parade Night.

Notes on Selections:

5. 100 Cadets indicated their interest for the 50 billets available on the Trip. 

6. The Staff prepared a selection matrix using: attendance (as a percentage) since 01 Apr 2015; participation in Tagging (spring and fall) and Lottery ticket sales; participation in optional training activities (band, range team, drill team, flag party, Effective Speaking and Debating, ground school); participation in community and Remembrance activities (including the Weston Santa Claus Parade); and red and blue conduct chits in your personnel file. 

7. A certain number of seats were reserved for Level 1 and 2 Cadets (who have not yet had the same opportunities to earn points for optional activities) to ensure a cross-section of the Squadron participates in the Trip. 

8. Questions: To Maj BROWN or Lt BAPTISTA via the website or on Parade Night. 

Posted Dec 15, 2015

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