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posted May 8, 2013, 12:40 PM by 700Squadron Web   [ updated May 20, 2013, 11:44 AM ]


You will note in the Weekly Routine Orders that it has been necessary to cancel our FTX scheduled for the May 17 – 19 (Victoria Day) Weekend. Once again, it is due to the fact that Borden simply cannot accommodate the number of Units planning Exercises that weekend, and we were not one of the first in line.


The Staff has adapted to this situation by confirming the following:


1.      The Training Officer and his Staff have assured me that all of our Support Requests for 2013-14 will be filed with Detachment the day after Labour Day. We will be first in line for equipment every time next year.

2.     Level 1s, 2s and 4s will be waivered on the FTX requirement and will be able to make-up the PO checks on one weekend FTX next fall.

3.     The Sports Tabloid will proceed on Saturday, May 25 for Level 1s and 2s, with help from the Level 4s and 5s.

4.     Level 3s will do their PO 390 (map & compass) with the Training Staff on the weekend of May 25-26 at Albion Hills Conservation Area. You will be bussed there on Saturday and Sunday morning (no overnight). Lunch will be “brown bag” (bring your own), instead of MREs.

5.     Gliding is “on” for the afternoon of Sunday, May 26. Thirty-five Cadets – Level 1s, as well as Level 2s who have not previously flown – can sign-up. 


We have also made a commitment to the Royal Canadian Legion Branches with whom we are affiliated that 700 will participate – in Squadron strength – at the D-Day Commemoration Service on Sunday, June 2 at Sanctuary Park Cemetery. Flag Party, Cenotaph Guard, Band and one or two Flights are required; good chance to make-up any community service hours you may still require!


Still a busy year-end, even without a chance to camp-out and eat boil-in-a-bag meals!


D.S. Brown



700 RCAirCS

700Squadron Web,
May 8, 2013, 12:40 PM