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Fall FTX 2013

posted Oct 12, 2013, 4:53 PM by 700Squadron Web   [ updated Nov 4, 2013, 3:59 PM ]


Saturday Nov 9th 2013
Location: Don Bosco S.S (2 Saint Andrews Blvd) Gym and then will be bussed to Albion Hills 
Timings: 7:00am-6:15pm
Dress: For the weather! Appropriate civilian attire with waterproof hiking boots are mandatory!


1. There will be a kit check on 08 Nov 13. Remember to bring your gear to the Sqn to be inspected.

2. Prohibited items listed below will be confiscated and the cadet may not be permitted to participate in the FTX.

3. Any cadet without proper clothing or boots (details below) for the FTX will not be permitted to participate on the FTX.

4. Prescription medication will be handed in to CV Squitieri prior to the departure Saturday morning.


*To download a copy of the kit list, scroll to the bottom.

A. Mandatory Items

Dress in layers
Bring extra set of clothes in case of wet and/or cold weather

  • Health Card

  • Lunch

  • Snacks x 2

  • Refillable, plastic mug (for hot beverage)

  • Water bottle (full)

  • Backpack to carry personal equipment; (1 per person)

  • Head Gear ( warm hat/toque)

  • 2 x Heavy Sweater (second in backpack)

  • 2 x Warm Pants (ie: track pants- second in backpack). Jeans are not acceptable.

  • Rain gear (rain coat)

  • Proper Hiking Boots – Running or ’street’ shoes are not acceptable

  • Paper and Pen/Sqn binder

  • Socks (ie: wool or athletic socks - second pair in backpack)

  • Gloves

  • Scarf

  • Warm Jacket


  • All optional items or items that are of value are under your supervision and care

Cadet-issue field gear:

  • Head gear (beret)

  • Epaulets

  • Tunic

  • Pants

  • Boots

Prohibited Items

Cigarettes, non-prescription drugs, alcohol
Lighters, or anything that can be considered a “weapon” ie pocket knife



Fall FTX 2013

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