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2021 New Cadet Registration

posted Aug 24, 2021, 5:05 AM by 700Squadron Web   [ updated Aug 24, 2021, 4:41 PM ]

The following items are required to complete a Cadet’s application for membership in the Squadron. 

New Cadet Registration Package

Welcome Bank Night


Please note that parent/guardian signatures are required on most documents and the Cadet must sign two documents. Please be sure to complete these documents carefully, especially all contact information.


Forms to Complete

  1. CF1158 Application for Membership in the Canadian Sea, Army or Air Cadets (if submitting in person, this document must be printed on 8½” x 14” legal-size paper)

  2. Cadet Code of Conduct – prospective cadet to read and sign this document

  3. Emergency Contact form – close relative/friend (not living with you) and doctor’s information

  4. Pledge document – prospective cadet and parent to read and sign this document

Documents Required

  1. Proof of age: Canadian birth certificate, passport or other government identification

  2. Proof of citizenship or legal residency, if not born in Canada (Canadian passport/PR card)

  3. Valid Ontario health card

  4. Doctor’s information (name, phone number, address including postal code)

Submission Information

Option 1: Electronic (Recommended due to COVID-19)

Forms and documentation should submitted be electronically to Please be assured, we have taken steps to ensure the security of electronic submissions. 

Option 2: In Person – details to follow