700's Got Talent - Holiday Edition

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Talent Show Sign Up l Dec 2020

Promotion - October 21st

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LAC Patel, Shaan

Welcome Back Night - Oct 02, 2020

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With key speakers to welcome cadets back and allow all cadets to familiarize themselves with our new virtual training environment in Google Meet

* Parents are welcome and encouraged to join us for this exciting event

1.       TIME: 18:30- 20:30 (6:30 pm – 8:30 pm)

2.       DRESS: #700 Squadron Gear - show your pride by wearing your squadron T-shirt, jackets or sweaters

3.       WHO: All Cadets and Parents >>


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- Tuesday, September 29th

- 1830-2100

- Online Virtual
- Open to all cadets
- Appropriate Civilian Attire

- Books: “From The Ground Up”

- To register/sign up, email
- Last day to sign up: October 06, 2020

Lt. Lebrun

Congratulations to WO1 C. Alagesan and WO2 H. Fernandes

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WO1 Alagesan was presented with the Lord Strathcona Medal this past weekend for her outstanding leadership throughout last year and especially through the past few months of uncertainty. She is a valuable asset to our Squadron and well respected by her peers and staff within the unit. Her rock solid leadership and mentorship of the unit’s Senior Cadets will resonate for years to come. Squadron Adult Staff and Cadets are very proud to see her recognized for all her hard work. We have no doubt that the lessons she has learned over the past six years will help guide her in her future endeavors. WO1 Alagesan will be aging out and forced to retire in early October 2020. She will surely be missed.

WO2 Fernandes was presented with the Royal Canadian Medal of Excellence this past weekend. She is an exemplary Cadet well deserving of the honour and we are fortunate to have her as a leader in our squadron. The WO2 is always giving of her time to assist her peers, younger Cadets and Adult Staff. Her commitment to the Squadron is constant and fierce.

Letter from Command - 17 Sep 2020

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Date: 17 September 2020 Re: Covid-19 Safety, Security and affect on the Cadet Program
An important message for Cadets, Parents and Staff.
CLICK the link or PDF file attachment below to read in full.

NCO Professional Development Day (NCO PD Day)

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Session 1 - September 20th 1500hrs-1630hrs
Session 2 - September 27th 1500hrs-1630hrs
Session 3 - October 4th 1500hrs-1630hrs

Online through Google Meet
Same link for all sessions

- Open to all level 5’s

- Squadron t-shirts
- Other notes: mics muted upon entry and cameras on.

- Notebook and writing utensils


CV. Gavincko Alagesan Level 5 Officer

CO’s Message – 30 August 2020

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Hello Everyone,

Well, it is getting very close to the start of a new training year for us at 700 Sqn. It has been a long and different kind of summer to which none of us have been accustomed. There was, and still is, the constant concern over the COVID-19 situation, no Cadet summer training, and the uncertainty that this will continue for a while yet.

The staff at 700 has been busy preparing for the new reality of this coming training year. For those that may not know, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) will not be issuing evening school use permits for the fall session (09 Sept to 31 Dec). This move has effectively left us without a home to gather, parade and perform in-person instruction. Bear in mind that we are not the only Cadet unit in this position. Many units have been affected in the same manner and all are looking for other locations to allow in-person training, albeit with the proper physical distancing and sanitization aspects.

Unfortunately, due to our size (200 plus Cadets and adult staff) it makes the job of finding a location to allow us to gather in larger numbers much more difficult. The Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) along with the officer Staff are looking at ways that we can come together in large or small groups to hold in-person training. 

For the meantime, we will be holding our training via virtual means. Lt Fonseca and CV Ward have been working on the virtual training delivery platform for a while now and will be ready to have it operational before we start up at the beginning of October 2020. 

We are living in a different reality so it will take a bit of time getting used to. But the Staff, SSC and senior Cadets are committed to making this work and ensuring that no single Cadet will lose out. As always, you get what you put into it. We promise to do our best to keep every Cadet engaged and fulfill their training requirements.

There still will be planned group activities along with training days (weekends), but there will be no overnight activities until we are cleared by command. We will also not be allowed to fundraise through tagging. This will be an issue because we rely on the monies from tagging to enhance our delivery of the program.

For returning Cadets, CI Vertkas (Administration Officer) will be emailing your enrollment/validation forms to the email listed in our files. If you haven’t received them by 09 September, please contact CI Vertkas. For new recruits, the enrollment forms, along with all details, are posted on our Website ( New recruits can begin completing and sending in their forms after 09 September as well. That way we can get the proper information, and have you set up for the virtual instruction as soon as we are ready to go.

On another note, I have two announcements to make. Because we were not able to have our end of year Annual Ceremonial Review last year, I was not able to announce the recipients of the Lord Strathcona Medal and the Royal Canadian Legion Medal of Excellence. To that end I am pleased to inform all that our Lord Strathcona Medal recipient is WO1 C. Alagesan and the Royal Canadian Legion Medal of Excellence is WO2 H. Fernandes. They have both been notified in advance of their medals. Keep an eye on the squadron website to see a picture of them with their medals. Congratulations to the both of them. Their hard work and commitment to the squadron and the program is what facilitated this great honour.

As I have said in many of my past messages, this situation will pass and in time will be a memory and shared experience that all will look back on in wonderment. I hope to see all of you at least virtually shortly and hopefully in-person soon after. 

Stay Safe and Best Regards,

Maj J. Tornabene

700 Sqn

Commanding Officer

Cadet Summer Training Camp Info Night

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Cadet Summer Training Camp Info Night

This event is Open to all cadets (and parents) who have accepted an offer to attend summer training

Monday June 9 
Don Bosco Secondary School (2 St. Andrews Blvd Toronto ON)


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We hope everyone had a great summer, we look forward to starting our 2020/2021 Training Year!


Returning Cadet Intake

·       Due to COVID-19 this year’s intake will be electronic

·       Your flight commander will be in touch before September 1st to confirm your email address

·       Between September 1st and September 7th, you will receive an email from our Admin Officer with the paperwork we require (if you have not received an email by the 7th, it is YOUR responsibility to contact the Admin Officer

·       You may only join us for our first parade night (September 11th), if you have received confirmation from the Admin Officer that your paperwork has been completed in good order (or you will be submitting it in person at our Welcome Back Night)


Update: 2020 Sep 21

2020-2021 Registration – Returning Cadets

All validation forms have been sent to the email address on file. If you have not received your
documents, please first check all your email addresses. If you still have not received your documents
please contact the Administration Officer at

We will not be having an in-person registration evening this year. Please complete your documents and
return them to as soon as possible. Directions for making the deposit for lottery
books are included in the document package.

2020 Sep 21 - New: Uniform Order Form - For both New and Returning Cadets

Submission Information

Electronic (Recommended due to COVID-19)

Forms and documentation should submitted be electronically to Please be assured, we have taken steps to ensure the security of electronic submissions.

Still Have Questions?

Email us at
All messages should include your rank, full name, and your question. 

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