2010-2011 Awards

Awards & Achievements


National Awards
WO1 (Ret'd) Cornelia BAPTISTA/ The Lord Strathcona Medal
WO2 (Ret'd) Anjali FONSECA/ The Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence

2011 Cadet Population Growth Initiative Honor Roll  
 700 David Hornell VC SquadronGold

 WO2 Datta, Dixita (Ret'd)Top Drill Team Commander
            700 Squadron Drill Team (Without Arms)/ 3rd Place Finish

2011 OPC Debating Competition
 FCpl Fernandes, HeckleTop Speaker of the House 
2011 OPC Effective Speaking Competition
FCpl Borthwick, Amanda/ Provincial Finalist
             FCpl Peri, Nikhil2nd Place in Toronto Area
             FCpl Hamel-Smith Grassby4th Place in Toronto Area
2011 Zone 10 Rifle Competition
700 Squadron Rifle Team/ 1st Place Finish
             FCpl Eugine, Ashley1st Place- Open Category 
             FSgt Eugine, Vanessa2nd Place- Open Category 
             Cpl Antoniou, John1st Place- Junior Category 

2010 COA Orienteering Competition
 Sgt Husain, Imtiaz (Ret'd)/ Selected for Regional Competition

166 Invitational Summer Biathalon
 FCpl Eugine, Ashley/ 2nd Place - Junior Female Divison